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How do others see the world? In this class, we turn our gaze outward. We attempt to understand the literacy and literacy practices of people within their cultural groups be those ethnic, social, or economic. We do this by conducting anthropological research called ethnography.

Our ethnographic research serves as a case study for college level research in any field. Regardless of the type of research you will conduct in your major, there are some common skills you’ll learn in this class to help you create useful, meaningful, and ethical data.

In addition, what you end up having to say about your research helps you to build up your rhetorical skills by thinking of argument in broader terms. Your research will ultimately make some sort of argument, but that won’t necessarily be a corrective or refutation. It may simply justify the value of the study.


Persuasive Essay Prompt

Concept of an Argument Prompt

Changing Our Agenda Prompt

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Summer 2013 ENG 1302 Syllabus Isip

The World at Your Fingertips

Most of your papers for this class require you to use outside, academic sources. However, that doesn’t mean you have to pretend the internet doesn’t exist. Feel free to start your research by doing a Google search, looking up info on Wikipedia, or watching some videos on YouTube… or using any of the resources available to you. Just don’t be tempted to copy and paste that stuff and hand it in as your own. It is easy to find good, helpful information to get you started. It is just as easy for me to find and verify plagiarized work thanks to the same resources.


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