Philosophy of This Class

ENG 1301
Our Text

How do we see the world ? This is the central question of much of our work in this class. How we write, what we choose to write about, how we read, and what we choose to read is all influenced by our perspective. Our perspective (or point of view, POV) also influences all of these choices, creating a cycle. It is all connected. Reading and writing, then, is much more than taking in information and putting words in print. It is literacy.

Literacy is the way we read and interpret a text (you might want to memorize that phrase for class). Reading is an act of participation; you bring your own values and expectations to the act. Interpreting, for the purposes of this class, involves writing – what you do with the text(s) you read.

In your writing, you make rhetorical moves. Rhetoric, at a very basic level, is about understanding your audience and making choices to elicit a certain effect or reaction. This class is about how you see the world and how you want to take your message into the world. And you thought I was going to teach you how to write a five-paragraph essay! Ha! We’ve got bigger fish to fry.


WA2 Troubling Trend (Comics/YA/Toys)

WA1 Prompt and Rubric 2014

WA1 Prompt and Rubric (Older)

Writing Assignment THREE Prompt

Other Stuff

Movie Trends Persuasive

(Guardians of the Galaxy / The Fault in Our Stars)

1301 Reading Response Template

Bad Arguments Chart

Annotated Bibliography Template WA2

Current Syllabus

Previous Syllabi

Fall 2012 ENG 1301 Syllabus Isip

Spring 2012 ENG 1301 Syllabus Isip

Fall 2011 ENG 1301 Syllabus Isip

Spring 2011 ENG 1301 Syllabus Isip

Spring 2010 ENG 101 Syllabus Isip

Fall 2009 ENG 101 Syllabus Isip

The World at Your Fingertips

Most of your papers for this class require you to use outside, academic sources. However, that doesn’t mean you have to pretend the internet doesn’t exist. Feel free to start your research by doing a Google search, looking up info on Wikipedia, or watching some videos on YouTube… or using any of the resources available to you. Just don’t be tempted to copy and paste that stuff and hand it in as your own. It is easy to find good, helpful information to get you started. It is just as easy for me to find and verify plagiarized work thanks to the same resources.


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